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Welcome to 1000 Fruit Trees Project

Its a program of young people aiming at Plating together with other players 1000 Jackfruit Trees betweeen 2020-21 in and around Ugandan Rural Schools and neighbouring communities.


A Nutritious Super Food

With Just 10 Bulbs and a cup of Water, a Student can have a belly to sustain him/her through the Afternoon School sessions!


Hunger = Drop Out

Hunger is one of the main reasons children perform poorly in UPE schools, with poor concentration leading to drop-outs


Learning the Hardway

A significant number of Ugandan School going children spend the whole day at school on an ‘empty stomach.


School & Home Hunger

Some children drop out of school because they have no food to eat at school and even back at home there is nothing

Our Core Agendas

We Stand on a Goal to have Children Complete School and Communities are hunger free in a Sustainable way.

No Hunger

Together work towards having a school community where there is Hunger Related Dropouts by students to further support thier Educational Dreams.

Micro Climate

More Community Mantained Trees, it will more support locally driven micro climates to futher add towards contribution to a sustainable enviroment.

Food Security

With the Miracle food at thier Disposal, communities will further have sustainble and long term food security future which is localy mananged.

Value Addition

With more and more benefits of the Jackfruit promoted fromt the available supply, communities will be supported to develop other value added products.

School for SDG

With more than 2 SDGs incoporated/related to the Program, students will futher be supported into understanding and practicing more of the SDGs.

Other Programs

Further in the program Timeline, other programs/sub-projects in Leadership, Sustainable Afgriculture, climate resilience and others will be Introduced.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Seedlings are Free of Charge, you just need to make an oder and they are provided at our Pick Up locations.
However if you would like them to be delivered to your place, you'll have to incur Delivery costs by Delivery agents like Safe Boader.

We have a wide community of planters and supporters who are ready to join you as you watch the Trees Grow into thr Dreams we all have.

We also have other continuing programs and engagement activities that you can take part with other like minded people.

We Got you covered, You can get involved by Buying a Seedling, Encouraging a Freind to Plant, Taking part in other engagements Online and Offline.

The Jact Fruit Value Addition


The Seedlings are free of Charge only if you promise that the fruits will be available to the community.


The Program is ran and managed by freinds of Magezi Bashir who are passionate about enviromental Concersavation, Food Security and most of all
Seeing a Uganda where no Student Drops out of School due to Hunger.

Magezi Bashir

Magezi Bashir

- Team Leader

Invester in Girls' Education and an Advocate for Gender Equality especially in Education.

Mawejje Harbert Dallah

Mawejje Harbert Dallah

- Senior Agriculturalist

Ismail Waiswa

- Partnerships and Planting Cordinator

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