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The 1000 Fruit Tree Project

The Project aims at Planting 1000 Jackfruit Trees in more than 200 School and Communities in Rurual Uganda to help curb Student Hungers in School which leads to School Dropouts. This means more than 20,000 Students and Community Members will have a suplmenting supply of a highly Nutritious Fruit Meal when they are faced with lack of food challenges.

According to the World Food Program, Some 77 percent of primary schools in Uganda are rural-based with most pupils commuting from home to school daily over long distances on foot. A significant number of these children spend the whole day at school on an ‘empty stomach.

With the Increase in Climate change effects reaching our communities and country, its of paramount importance to have the young people realise that they can Engage in Climate Change fight as well as Securing a Hunger-free world for Today and Tomorrow. Hence we are looking at incoprating Climate change mitigation through growing Trees and restoring/protecting Local Eco-systems.


Why Jackfruit

Jackfruit heralded as 'miracle' food crop, Researchers say the large, smelly fruit grown could be a replacement for wheat, corn for staple crops under threat from climate change it could help keep millions of people from hunger.

Drought Resistant

Danielle Nierenberg, president ofFood Tank, which works on sustainable agriculture. “It is easy to grow. It survives pests and diseases and high temperatures. It is drought-resistant,".

High Yields

The lifespan of the jackfruit tree is 60 to 70 years and a mature plant produces up to 700 fruits per year. Its the heaviest fruit with an average fruit weight 10-30kg.

Rich in Nutrients

The fruit is rich in potassium, calcium, and iron, making it more nutritious than current starchy staples the fruit can be processed into products as diverse as flour, noodles, papad and ice cream.

It's a tropical tree

This Means it can grow in any country in the tropics and region hence mantaining its great position as a Food Basket for the region.

Good for your Heart & Health

Unlike animal sources of protein, jackfruit contains no saturated fat or cholesterol, it's light in sodium, and is also low in calories, with just 20 per a 2.65-ounce serving.

Less Mantainance Costs

Jackfruit trees are perennial and require far less maintenance and upkeep than other crops like corn and wheat.


Jackfruit is the largest known Tree Borne Fruit: Even a small jackfruit weighs in at 10=15lbs (5-7kgs) and some farmers have recorced fruits of more than 100lbs (45kg)

The Jackfruit

The Jackfruit

High Yields

High Yields


Enough to serve many

Varied Proccessed Products

Varied Proccessed Products

Even our Freinds benefit

Even our Freinds benefit

Total Trees








What Our Freinds Say

When we shared our idea to the World, many freinds weighed in to support the idea and see it get to the lengths we would like to see.

  • Milton Miles

  • -Director Aliko Photos

Usually things are darkest when light is on its way I urge everyone to be the light in to these little beautiful souls because I believe we are capable and resealient

  • Mawejje Harbert

  • -Agricultural Expert

A Single tree can last for more than 10 years of productivity, thats so much a time to have benefited 1000s of people and saved alot more from starvation with just a Bulb.

  • Njego Huzairu

  • -Enviromentalist

Thw world we want to see that is enviromentaly sustainable and feeds us well, is a world that we can make today,just one tree can be a contribution and its why am part.


With the Project Progress from an idea to reporting, here we move together, share progress and challenges plus new opportunities to reach more and reach our Deseried Goals.


When the Planting Idea Becomes the Future of Food Security

My Birthday Commitment today is to Plant 1000 Fruit Trees of Jackfruit around Rural Ugandan Schools and Communities before the 2021 Birthday.

Hunger is one of the main reasons children perform poorly in UPE schools in Uganda, Hungry Children have Poor concentration, Poor mental abilities, absenteeism, bad behavior, Health.

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